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Visit Puzzlemaker at to create your own custom puzzles.
Computer Generated Mazes
Choose a puzzle from the list below to create your own custom puzzle.
Word Search
Type in a list of words and the computer will hide them in a grid of letters. Choose the size, set a few options and you are finished.
Word Search with a Hidden Message
After all of the words are found the letters that are not used reveal a hidden message!
Criss-Cross Puzzle
Your list of words will be linked together, numbered and formatted, ready for you to print and hand out.
Number Blocks
Creates a block of numbers that will challenge arithmetic and algebra skills. Each row, column and diagonal add up to a total but some numbers are missing.
Math Square
Math formulas are linked together to form a square.
Double Puzzle
Enter a set of words or phrases to be scrambled. Then enter a final phrase that the solver will be able to put together from the letters in the clue words. The final phrase can be scrambled or numbered.
Enter a phrase and the computer will assign a number to each letter.
Letter Tiles
Enter a phrase and the computer will break it into tiles with letters on them. The solver unscrambles the tiles to rebuild the phrase.
Fallen Phrase
Enter a phrase and the computer will place the letters in a grid. Each letter appears in the same column, but below where it should be. The solver must put the letters back in the grid and rebuild the phrase.
Computer Generated Mazes
Choose from a variety of shapes, set the size, and let the computer generate a unique maze ready for you to paste into your newsletter.
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